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#HairTips: How to treat your dry hair?

Say goodbye to dry hair with The Glam Magazine's expert tips for dry and damaged hair.

Nothing suits beautiful face better than a flawless hair …

It is always at the forefront, discussed, monitored and commented. Very often, dry hair is a major problem in everyday life. It is heavy, dull, easy to tear, the end split fast and often resemble straw. In addition, dry hair can cause dandruff.

If these symptoms match the quality of your mane, then we have the solution for you! In the rows below, find out how to revive your dry hair.

What makes your hair dry?  
Dry hair can be inherited or a result of external factors such as strong chemicals, dyeing, often straightening or different treatment with a wand, chlorine in the pools, long sun exposure, and much more. How do we achieve the effect of flawless hair?

The Glam Magazine

Read below the experts dry hair tips:

1. Shampoo
Frequent washing of hair with shampoo may be the cause of dryness. Very often, shampoos contain strong chemicals that remove natural oils from your hair. It is recommended that you should use shampoo 1 to 2 times a week.

2. Gentle washing
Dry hair is subject to frequent tearing. When washing with shampoo, the hair should not be pulled hard.

3. Revival
Dry hair desperately needs a regenerator. Products that contain very little or no alcohol are recommended.

4. Combing
Most people think that the more they comb your hair, the more beautiful it will be. However, excessive one makes the hair thinner and easier to tear. Comb very carefully with a proper brush AND VERY IMPORTANT – never while wet.

5. Scalp massage
One way to stimulate the sebaceous glands of the head is to massage the scalp well with a shampoo. Make sure you are massaging just lightly with your fingertips in a circular movements.

6. Heat
When exposed to sun, we strongly recommend wearing a hat.
Styling the hair with a wand further dries her.
Drying with a hair dryer should be at the lowest temperature and must be at least 15 cm apart.

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