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Get ready: May horoscopes are here!

As Justin Timberlake’s famous song says: it’s gonna be May. And these are your horoscopes for the month.

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Aries star sign

Be humble

By the middle of the month, the Aries working in trade, finance and communications must be very careful and precise in their work, as Mercury is unfavourably located and hinders them. The same is true of those zodiac signs who will travel during this period – arm yourself and prepare (as much as possible) for surprises related to time, schedules, and so on. Try to master your pervasive nature and beware of loud self-immolation and self-imposition because it can lead to sharp and irreversible conflicts with important people. The call for modesty of the title applies to both your professional and your personal life, which is far from harmonious at this point. Consider the changes you want well, but do not proceed with them now.



Taurus star sign

Under the sign of Uranus

The big event is that on May 15, Uranus – the planet of the new and the unexpected, the revolutionary – enters Taurus and will be there for the next 7 years. This will affect the lives of all of us, not just the Taurus. Uranus in Taurus predicts a great shift of layers in the material world – technology, economy, business, markets, influences. Besides, alas, it is not about smooth changes, but about sudden one. Taurus, it is definitely not a good time to get involved in complex, multilevel and long-term projects and endeavors involving many people that you can not control by yourself. They will take you a lot of your energy and won’t bring what you expect. For marriage, the month is also inappropriate. Traveling in the second half of the month will be great for you.



Gemini star sign

Get comfortable

For Gemini May will bring balance in every sphere of their lives. However, representatives of this sign understand the balance somewhat differently from others. For example, they do not have wish to be balanced in a sense of calm. They want to be always “excited”, always on the go, always applauded etc. May will offer them everything. Even healthy conflicts. It will also make you more focused and able to get involved with your work. Do not rely on yourself, find a business partner. Do not worry about money, your financial position during the month is unshakable. The more the month progresses, the better you become. Be careful with love affections and infidelity.



Cancer star sign

Storm in the heart

On May 20, Venus enters Cancer and carries a love tsunami with her, which can sweep away the status of Cancer, whether married or single. The marriage will most likely survive the tsunami, the “single” status, though, might not…if you understand us. The moment is very good for starting a relationship, so go for it! The period is extremely creative and if you manage to apply your creative energy in practice, we promise you a very successful second half of the year. However, will you take advantage of the happy storms in your personal life, and will you shift your career up- we do not know. Some say they could. Most importantly, Cancer is to keep your temper and stay on the ground. When you do something – consider it very carefully, do not just trust your intuition.



Leo star sign

Time to earn money

If someone wants to win a Leo on their side or attract them to work together in May, they will have to open their pocket. Lions are rushing to make money. Give them to give you, or turn to another sign. This month, all of the representatives of this zodiac are focused on career growth and financial prosperity. Because of this, many Lions can solve a high-risk job change or even a departure abroad. We would not justify any extremes this month, when Uranus passes into Taurus, so, Lions, think of every suggestion that requires you to seriously change your way of life. If you can overcome yourself and think about something else, the month will meet you with a person who will become a part of your life forever.



Virgo star sign

Avoid unnecessary battles

Go to Sleep Mode this month, Virgo! Take are of your finances and don’t spend money on things you don’t need right now. Go to sleep mode and emotionally, do not take battles. Most of all – if you’ve tried to help someone but but have failed, do not make the mistake of trying again. To get through the month as lightly as possible, you need to stay away from the the attempts of people in your circle to get you into battles that are not yours. In other words, do not worry about foreign affairs or you will get involved in conflicts. The more calm and controlled you are – the better. Take care of your health and only think about yourself.



Libra star sign

Speed up

Venus’s entry into Cancer on May 20th will not affect your love life very well, Libra. You may feel depressed, strangled, with “occupied” personal space (the horror of Libra!). The possible presence of a parallel relationship in your life can seriously complicate the situation. The month is both loud and restless for the representatives of this sign. It is best to isolate your personal life for a while. Just do not worry about it – leave it in the corner, stand by, with all its problems, and focus on your work. It is work where your big chances will be at during the month. Be disciplined and press the throttle. The best will come to those Libra who know exactly what they want.



Scorpio star sign

Play safe

Try to spend as much time as possible with your family, Scorpio! And one more thing – do not rely on your luck this month. Don’t play with fire, do not risk everything by dealing with non-trusty people or projects – play safe, we would even say – do not play at all. Better be suspicious and skeptical and check everything three times. It doesn’t sound very fun, but it can save you a lot of trouble. Observe your covenants, make promises, and return your debts. The stars will be most gracious to those of you who have a built-in value system and adhere to generally accepted moral norms rather than trying to outsmart everything. That’s why we started with the advise to keep up with the family and do your work conscientiously. Yes, you, Scorpions!



Sagittarius star sign

Accept the reality

The full moon on May 29 is in your sign, Sagittarius, which means restlessness and painful emotional reactions. The archers who are surrounded by family, colleagues, friends who work what they love and enjoy some financial peace will be easier to pass through the month. The thing is that any “interferance” in the life of the zodiacs will literally “erupt” – loneliness, lack of love, lack of satisfaction, professional stagnation. Now is the time to understand and accept all these problems and deprive yourself of the delusional delight of thinking that everything will get better on its own. Maybe you have to change something in your life, Sagittarius? Or many things? Start from somewhere. Sports? Denial of “toxic” friendships or activities? You decide.



Capricorn star sign

Slow down

Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn until September 5, and Pluto in early October. We can not distort 0ur souls that the months ahead will be easy for you, Capricorn, but it will certainly be useful. Besides, somehow these planets, are protecting you. Yes, it is not easy, but you just have to go through certain tests and lessons. In May, you must be careful not only to make hasty decisions, but also to use rational words. Slow down the speed and feel everything you’re gripping. Know that every opportunity for change is welcome in your life. Perhaps even the thought of change fills you with horror at the moment, but the stars tell you: Embrace the new, rejoice. Especially in the last ten days of the month, everything going on will only bring you positives.



Aquarius star sign

Develop yourself

By the middle of the month – May 16 – Mars enters Aquarius. It is time to embark on those deeds you have long delayed for lack of courage, determination or self-esteem. But now Mars will arm you with all this, do not miss the moment and do not succumb to inertia. The month will bring you results that you have long dreamed of. Do not restrict yourself – Aquarians are best in large-scale activities, large projects, or, generally speaking, where they feel challenged. That’s why the month is good at taking risks, venturing into adventures, unwinding. Forget about all limitations and restrictions. If it means leaving a job and looking for your luck elsewhere – do it! Courage, Aquarius!



Pisces star sign

Don’t overspend

Do not take credits or borrow money in May, Pisces. If you can freeze your credit cards, it will be the best. Don’t worry, it just takes at least one month to adjust according to your finances. You will have to stop with the laziness you have been having in recent months. Those of you who have been thinking about going through some kind of training – a course, a seminar, a workshop, etc. – let them do it now, because the month is very appropriate for this kind of activity. May all, alas, it’s not your time to have fun, but for “serious” activities that require discipline and dedication – work, training, and time with the family. Our advice is also to limit the extreme sports experiences that you, the Pisces, basically fall into – mountain biking, rock climbing, and so on.

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