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Get your drum set ready: September horoscope is here!

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Read what the stars have prepared for you this September.

Aries star sign
Aries                             (21 March-20 April)

Start from scratch

Aries find the new season in great shape. In the summer, they have found balance in their intimate life and have learned how to be diplomatic. This is the hardest thing for Aries. They can destroy friendships and relationships built up for years with a single anger explosion. They are very good at this and this is their special “talent”.

But at the end of the summer and early autumn of 2017, the representatives of this sign are turning into the kings of diplomacy, which is why peace and understanding prevail in their love life, and many professional doors will open in front of them. Use September for meetings and negotiations, Aries. If you need funding for your project – now is the time. Everything that rests on communication – one to one, not online – is your strength now.


Taurus star sign 

(21 April – 21 May)


In September you’ll be in a mood to fight at your workplace, Taurus! Personally, we would not risk putting you on the spotlight. Extremely organized and purposeful, so you’d better ride the wave and work on long-delayed but important projects. You will have the energy needed to finish them. In the professional life, you can rely on serious stellar support, so I advise you to give your will to your wildest dreams. As for personal life, the month is difficult. Try not to overload your loved ones with your expectations, they currently have other worries. Later, you will appreciate your patience. Be courageous, generous, listen, take care of your loved ones, and give love.


Gemini star sign

(22 May – 21 June)

Get rid of the unnecessary

Beware of fraud in September, Gemini! Something like intellectual theft. Do not share your ideas with everyone so that it doesn’t turn out at some point that someone more skilled has already outgrew you. Although it sounds ugly, we advise you to show a healthy suspicion towards your friends circle. Gemini are generally willing to surround themselves with many people, and “many” almost always means “all kind of people”.

It would even be good to rethink your relationship and get rid of those that for some reason or another do not affect you well. The month is suitable for all “purges” – not only friend wise but also love, even in closets and wardrobes.  Let your motto be – “Get rid of the unnecessary”. It’s not a good time for new ventures, especially if they are related to a financial investment.


Cancer star sign

(22 June – 22 July)


The sea in front of you is smooth as a teapot, the downstream wind blows the canvases of your ship, and life seems easy and beautiful. Plan your month so that the more important and difficult tasks remain for the second half. In September, success will be with those Cancers, who are able to work in a team, so I advise you not to take any serious commitments alone, but to share them with people you know and who you can trust. Try (although this is one of the serious challenges Cancers are facing) to be flexible with the circumstances. Do not reject an interesting proposal just because the moment seems inappropriate. Find a way to adjust and get the best out of it.

Leo star sign

(23 July – 22 August)

Do not rest

In September, it’s good to be persistent about the important things in your life. Nothing will be solved by itself. So be clear what exactly is that you want to change and start to work hard for this change. Don’t follow illusions, don’t waste your time and be honest with yourself. If you are in love with someone and he doesn’t respond to your feelings, do not build theories but rather fight back. If you want to make a step forward in your career but you don’t get it, think about whether you are in the right place and whether you really do everything by yourself. Sometimes even the little step forward requires a huge effort. September will set your life in place, bring clarity and order in it, give you direction, but only if you help. There is no time for distraction.


Virgo star sign

(23 August – 22 September)

Bet on love 

Do not get overloaded in September. You want to do hundred things and be in hundred places at a time, but we tell you – do not overdo it. Share family responsibilities, seek help from colleagues, and take time for yourself and for rest, even if you don’t feel so tired. It is also better to dedicate more time to sports, dancing, travelling, books, than to meetings with people, even though our advice sounds bit egoistic. Don’t share your plans or reveal your soul to anyone, right now it can cause you a problem. This September, bet on love Virgo. There, you can do as much as you like.


Libra star sign

(23 September – 22 October)

Don’t miss this chance

Heighten your senses, Libras, so you don’t miss the new opportunity that will be provided to you during the first ten days of September. Do not miss out on any suggestions, meetings, travel or dating. Libra aren’t the most dynamic sign, but in September it will be important to show flexibility and activity. There is one of the most hateful warnings for the representatives of this sign – do not spend money, Libras! We hope you have learned lessons from what has happened to you over the past few months, when you have been shown once again that you are too prone to fly in the clouds. The same applies to your love life – the man you’re thinking of at the moment may be great, but we would not advise you to build plans for the future with him.


Scorpio star sign

(23 October – 22 November)

Diplomatic first of all

This month, Scorpions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put into use all of the available diplomatic and tolerance skills that you own, which we know aren’t that much. There is tension in your workplace and in your personal life. Maybe the reason is in you? We don’t know Scorpio, who doesn’t have a conceited self-esteem and who, under certain circumstances, does not need to dazzle the flesh of the people around him. In September, however, these Scorpios’ impulses will bring them big problems, and if they do not stop in time – serious consequences. Master your emotions and do not let them explode. The moment is not suitable for starting a relationship, give yourself some more time. For Scorpions in a relation, we have only one tip – close your mouth and be gentle.


Sagittarius star sign

(23 November – 22 December)

Ask and you will get 

It’s never too late, Sagittarius, and September will prove it to you. You’ll get a chance to get a revenge for a task you didn’t finish, or a friend who, for unexplained reasons, has played you and you haven’t found the strength to forgive him. Fate will meet you again, so make sure this time you clear your bills and leave them behind you. The greatest support from the stars will be given to those Sagittarius, who are believe in the “impossible”. Be brave in your dreams and desires, but mostly in their proclamations. If you are confident in your own strengths and think you deserve more, do not be afraid to say it to your boss. If you are not happy in your relationship – look for your happiness elsewhere. It’s not that easy? We know that. But now is the time to be bold!


Capricorn star sign

(23 December – 22 January)

Listen to yourself

Learn to rely on yourself, Capricorn, and don’t let your relatives, friends, colleagues or your boyfriend make any decisions for you. It’s easier, we know, but right now it’s the last thing you need. Live your life as you want. Maybe you are in a relationship with someone your family does not approve ? It doesn’t matter. This is your choice and you will live the consequences. Show character and autonomy. At work, stand up for your rights. The most important thing is not to give up and continue on the path you have chosen. In September, many people in different ways will try to divert you from it. Do not let them! Take care of your health – both physical and mental.


Aquarius star sign

(23 January – 22 February)

Dream on

In September, make sure you look at things as lightly and casually as possible, without taking everything too seriously. You have the chance to make your long-awaited dream come true, if you stop seeing it as an incredible challenge. And stop looking at yourself as careerist. Know that a dream is a passion, it is not important to be very prepared for it. The stars give you a chance to make it happen – but in a fun way, not just that – do anything in the name of your dreams this month, Aquarius, show up on the most challenging competitions, apply for the most inaccessible universities or the most desirable jobs, or just leave everything and go for an adventure, because following your dreams is always an adventure.


Pisces star sign

(23 February – 20 March)

Emotional detox

The full moon on September 6 is in your sign, Pisces. Use it to clear your emotions accumulated in recent months. You literally need an emotional detox. If these emotions are mostly love related, take a break from this relation. Take some fresh air, see other people or focus on your work. The month is generally quite emotional, so do not look for peace. Do not look for seclusion, because many people will look for your help and you will not be able to reject them. However, your energy levels are high, and if you can manage your emotions (and they will manage you now), you can do a lot of work.

Just one warning: do not take final decisions on any issue.

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