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Festive Makeup: How to wear red lipstick?

Keira Knitley wearing red lipstick

Christmas is near and everywhere we look, we see red festive decoration. We don’t always feel like dressing up in all red, though we really love the colour. That’s why we thought of incorporating it in our look through makeup.

Red lipstick is a classic makeup that we often associate with old Hollywood’s glamour and the 50s. And it has been a trend for the past decade, with a strong position in fashion. The red colour is a symbol of courage, passion, desire and love. It draws attention and never goes unnoticed. Red lipstick makes irresistible any lady who has it on her lips. It shows her courage, determination and feminine nature. Classic or eccentric, it stands out and gives confidence to every woman and represents her style.

However, red lipstick is usually tricky because choosing the proper shade is quite complicated. There are over 200 shades of red, and of course they cannot be suitable for everyone.

Many women avoid red lipstick because they are afraid of looking too intrusive. That is why we need to remember few rules, when choosing this type of lipstick.

You need to choose the right shade based on the shape of your lips, skin complexion and, last but not least, the colour of the hair. Of course, it also matters what is the occasion and the time you’re going to wear it for.

The tip is to set a lighter red lipstick for everyday life because it is more delicate and less provocative. Shades like raspberry, strawberry and cherry are the right colours for the day. In the evenings, we can put on a dark and deep lipstick such as burgundy or merlot. Dark red lipstick stands well on bigger lips, because it tends to tighten them optically.

Light-skinned ladies can boldly experiment with intense and bright red lipstick because it gives depth and lip density. You can use a darker pencil to better emphasize the colour.

Blake Lively wearing red lipstick

Women with darker skin, should pick purple, orange and wine-red tones. Here the use of lip gloss stands well in conjunction with lipstick, with a more pronounced orange accent.

If the colour of the skin is midway between the light and dark range, then the nuances of the red lipstick can vary. Women with such skin can afford both darker and more saturated tones, and more pink and pastel shades of red.

Lupine wearing red lipstick

With regard to hair, there are also several options.

Light red, deep red and burgundy blossom, shine on bright, blonde hair. Brunettes can opt for the classic red tones, as well as coral and pink shades. Red-haired ladies will look good, both with light and dark hues. It all depends on the style, temperament and individuality of women with red hair.

Meghan Markle wearing red lipstick

When we use red lipstick, we need to know that the lip pencil is very important, because it prevents the lipstick from spilling or smearing.

When applying red lipstick, it is good to follow some rules:

  • It is good for the lips to be moisturized, so that lipstick will not damage them and they will not look dry and cracked.
  • When using red colour, the tools are very important. Makeup artists advise first to outline the contours of the lips carefully with a pencil in the matching colour. Then the outlines are carefully filled.
  • For a better and precise application, use a brush, then remove the excess layer of lipstick with a soft napkin.

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