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Eye Shadow That Suits Every Skin Tone

Image of Gucci eye shadow

Whether your skin tone is fair, alabaster, ebony or somewhere in between; these eyeshade shades have the universal ability to highlight each skin tone. With these amazing eye shadows, you will never go wrong.

Deep Purple

A perfect combination of blue and red, that complements every skin tone, through day to night. However, it is better to avoid purple shades with high red undertones, as they are not suitable for everyone.


Peach is the perfect mix of all rte right qualities of a pink and orange shade and goes perfectly with every skin tone. Whether you prefer to wear it on your eyelids or cheeks, it will work seamlessly with any look at any time of the day.


This ultimate metallic shade works well with every skin tone. Choose a creamy and pearlescent formula that highlights your brow bone and accentuates your eye shape.

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