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Erdem x H&M

The famous photographer Michal Pudelka is the person, who worked with Erdem and H&M on the creation of the impressive look book for the ERDEM x H & M collection.

The pictures recreate the ideas of the designer about beauty and femininity.

“ERDEM x H&M is a collection that immediately have spoken me, the first time I saw it. I knew I wanted to create a look book, which is not just a catalog. I like to add surprising elements that sometimes bordered with surrealism, to consider details that would break the atmosphere in the frame – flowers, elegantly given to the model by someone outside the frame, for example “, – shares Michal Pudelka.

Together with Erdem and H&M team, Michal Pudelka fills the pictures with such a characteristic, melancholic feeling of England, and the cadres are shot in the same provincial mansion where Pudelka shoots the advertising campaign, while BazarLerman directs his short film for the ERDEM x H&M collection .

“It was really a pleasure to watch Michal to recreate the mood of the collection in every single frame, and my favorite part is that we were able to make shots and clothes even more alive by adding more flowers to a frame,” says Erdem Morallyoglu.

The ERDEM x H & M collection will debut on November 2 at selected H & M stores around the world.

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