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Dress to Impress as a beach wedding guest this summer

How to dress as a beach wedding guest this summerPhoto credit: Pinterest.com

Destination weddings in hot and beachy spots are becoming increasingly popular. You might be delighted when you receive your invite, but equally perplexed about what to wear to look wedding ready whilst keeping cool. Here are some of our tip tips on how to look suitably beachy yet glamorous

1. Pick the right fabric.

Dress in lightweight fabrics that don’t cling to your body and result in unfortunate sweat marks. Materials such as linen, organza and lace are recommended.

2. Avoid the dark colours

Black in particular, is a no go for a daytime beach ceremony. When it comes to choosing colors, opt for something bright, bold or floral.

3. Keep your shoes comfy chic

This is a hard one to stick to as most of our heels are anything but comfy. But trust us, you’ll wish you’d picked a fancy sandal over a spiky stiletto when you’re at the beach.

4. Shade in style

Don’t forget that the ceremony is likely to take place under the glare of the sun. If you want to have any chance of seeing the bride and groom, then take some shades or a hat that complement your outfit.

5. Dare to be bold

A beach wedding is likely to be less formal than a traditional indoor wedding. Don’t be afraid to go for a more casual and quirky outfit and dress it up with statement accessories.



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