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The Do’s and Don’ts of Thin Hair

How to style your thin hairPhoto credit: Mane Addicts

Thin hair is usually brittle, breakable, hard to hold even after a professional hair do. And to be honest one of the most common questions from our followers is how to style it.  Therefore, it is very important to read what the expert have to say and avoid the number one issue Рoverusing hair products.

Thin hair does not tolerate plenty of conditioner, foam, hair spray, and any styling creams and sprays at all. If a product does not work well, try it with a smaller amount and it may actually work well for you. Just apply less, especially from products without rinsing.

Dispense in the palms of your hands and with light smoothing strokes spread along the lengths, but always away from the roots.

The thin and fine hair is sensitive and easy to flatten under the weight of excess product, so stay away from dense and greasy textures. In this sense – avoid at all costs styling wax. Bet more on sprays and texture adding products.

To ease your confusion, we selected some of our recommended products below.

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