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Discover the best shoes for your astrological sign!

Shoes as per your astrological sign

Some people chose their shoes to match their bags (old school we know), other like to dress their way up starting from their feet. But let’s face it in the end, your shoe closet has overflowing thousands of wonders, you come back tirelessly to the same pair. I

t is your absolute pampering and you are unable to explain it! And if the answer was in the stars? Yes, according to our date of birth, we would be more attracted by this or that model of shoes.

So, without further explanation, discover the shoes that fit you best according to your astrological sign!


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ARIES – Sneakers

Balenciaga sneakers for Aries
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

You, you are hyper-active! Your girlfriends have a hard time keeping up with you. What’s better than a pair of sneakers to match your dynamic life and your impulsivity ?!


Taurus – Ballerinas

Aquazzura flat shoes
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Very sentimental, you aspire tranquility and you enjoy all little pleasures of life. A pair of pretty ballerinas will be perfectly adapted to your natural charm. On the good side: this season, they are coming back stronger than ever and available in many versions: with knots, embellishments or ribbons … and never boring!


Gemini – Platforms

Gemini Saint Laurent platforms
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Chattering and very social, you never stop, always looking for your new discoveries. To keep up with your busy life day and night, platforms will be the perfect choice for you.


Cancer – Mary-Janes

Valentino pumps mary janes
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Sensitive and romantic, you hate conflicts and live by one single slogan: sweetness! So you need shoes to match your cute personality: Mary-Janes, chic and comfortable!


Leo- Pointy heels

Jimmy Choo leather pumps
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

You are a woman of power! Ambitious and demanding you will need a pair of shoes for the power girl par excellence: pointy heels! And your dominant personality will be even more at ease in stilettos.


Virgo – Moccasins

Virgo Tods moccasins
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Perfectionist and methodical, you are the type, who is always on point. To be at the top of your shoe game, you need a classic, sober but ultra-stylish: moccasins.


Libra – Derbies

Miu Miu derby shoes
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

With your keen sense of justice, you seek balance in everything around you, whether it’s social relations, more serious problems or your pace. The derbies are therefore the ideal shoes to reflect your harmonious, discreet but hyper-stylish style.


Scorpio – Mules


Scorpio Mansur Gavriel mules
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

A word to describe you: passion. Indeed, you walk instinctively and are not the type to stay on the surface, on the contrary. Rebellious, you always go to the bottom of things. So to implement the trend of the moment, you need mules! Of course, they are not for everyone but they will perfectly satisfy your nonconformist temperament.


Sagittarius – Sandals

Sagittarius Aquazzura sandals
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Free and expansive, you need to express your feelings, make yourself heard and no obstacle will stop you. So start by displaying your toes with a nice pair of sandals!


Capricorn – Boots

Capricorn Valentino boots
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Reasonable and measured, you are the wise one in your band of mates. The one, who relies more on logic than instinct and that nothing can distract her from her objective. Persistent and extremely faithful, you will appreciate a beautiful pair of timeless boots to wear non-stop, all year round.


Aquarius – Espadrilles

Aquarius Gucci espadrilles
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Freedom! This is your MOTTO. Constantly in search of freedom, you possess an original and very curious spirit. So put espadrilles on, the symbol of holidays and escape.


Pisces – Slippers

Pisces Givenchy slippers
Photo credit: Mytheresa.com

Dreamer and idealist, you are a real little mermaid! Very creative and slightly philosophical on the edges, you possess a little bohemian undoubted side that will be perfectly put forward in a pair of hyper stylish slippers.


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