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Dior’s Wild Prairie. Introducing Cruise 2018 collection

Image of Dior Cruise 2018Dior Cruise 2018 fashion show in Calabasas, California

A contemporary version of the discovery of the New Continent comes right from Dior’s new Cruise collection. The location is not accidental – the place is Calabasas in California, where the wilderness carries the authentic feeling of the first settlers in America. The place is not the safest and the guests were advised not to go too far as there are many rattlesnakes and lynxes.
Long, cut silhouettes embrace the bodies and protect them from the dusty climate of the wild prairie. The prints eclectically combine the shamanism of Indians in America and drawings from the Lasco cave in Europe. Maria Grazia Chuiri cleverly unifies at first glance the different cultures of the Old and New Continent, tribes identical in their pantheism, believing in the magic and symbols of nature. The colours are soft earth tones of ochre and beige, but there are also no contrasting combinations of the drawings.

The designer herself says her main inspiration comes from the book “The Flying with Wolves” by the psychologist Dr. Clarisa Pincola Estes. The wild woman and her instincts are her leading motif along with the cave paintings for silk jacquard textiles from the collection. To them are added cowboy hats with peripheries and decorations.


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