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Dare U: Faux fur manicure?

Faux fur is the latest trend for nails.

We’re admittedly fans of the monochrome coloured manicure, more specifically the one in all shades of red but we have not yet dropped out the idea of getting bit crazier this year.

Yet the latest trend in nail decoration makes us think that we are not fans of innovative tricks.

It’s winter and we all fall in love at first sight with warm, fluffy and hairy things, right? Well, it is obviously trendy everything from the above-mentioned  to be translated into a new type of nail art.

Yes … Fluffy nails are ultra-trendy … And, yes, we’re talking about the kind that turns your manicure into Yeti.

Faux fur applied on the nails ?!?! Ok but no, thanks! At least according to us!

And how about you – will you dare?

Faux fur is the latest trend for nails.

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