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How to choose the right foundation for your skin?

Read The Glam Magazine's review on the best way to choose the right foundation for your skin.

It’s no secret that many of us are afraid to experiment with cosmetics because they are not sure which colours look good on them or which textures are best for their skin type. The key to beautiful makeup is to know how to emphasise on your natural beauty with the help of products with the best formulas and colours. With more experiments, you will learn how to do the perfect look. Here’s how to choose the right foundation depending on the formula, skin type and shade.

The right foundation

There are many women who do not apply a foundation because they are afraid of the unnatural appearance of their face, reminiscent of a mask. But actually choosing the right product can be very easy. There are two important steps: first, the ideal formula and secondly the right nuance.

Choose your formula:

– Tinted moisturizer or coloured moisturiser

It’s a mixture of cream and foundation. This type of formula soothes the skin and gently tints it. Ideal for young skins. Also suitable for summer to show your complexion through the transparent texture of the product. Unlike other products, you can apply it with your fingers.

– Liquid foundation

This is the most popular type of foundation because it is easy to spread and gives a natural look. Suitable for all skin types except the very dry ones. If you have oily or pro-acne skin, look for a formula without oil to cover the problem areas without irritating them.

– Creamy foundation

It is a thicker and nourishing type of foundation. Ideal for drier and mature skins. The heavier texture, however, requires you to spread it with a wet blender to avoid the appearance of a mask.

– Moose foundation

Similar to the creamy. How do you apply it? Put the right amount on the back of your hand and apply with a damp blender.

– Compact foundation

An all-in-one product because it also contains a powder. They are sold in round boxes with a sponge. Not recommended for dry skin type.

РA stick-based foundation 

This is the original type of foundation. They have a very heavy texture and are suitable for skins with a great need of coverage (with many pimples or scars). Apply with the stick on the problematic zone and spread with a wet blender.

There are already many kinds of foundation on the market, most of which are not heavy and dense. You can choose from many textures that fit your skin type. Here are the different types:

Read The Glam Magazine's review on the best way to choose the right foundation for your skin.

How to choose the right shade?

It is good to choose a natural light to see exactly how you’ll look when you exit the store. Do not apply foundation on your hand because the colour of your face is different. Put a little on the jaw line to make sure it blends with both the face and the neck.

How to apply?

– Apply your foundation on fresh and moisturised skin.

– If you apply the product with your fingers, you risk to look uneven.

– Apply it as dots on your face, then smear with a moist blender. If the blender is dry, it will absorb too much of the product.

– Make sure you cover throghout all areas of your jaw, nose, forehead and chin.

And more…

Several brands offer products with SPF. This is always a plus and you should use it even in winter to protect your skin from harmful sun rays that can cause ageing. If you have more mature skin, it is good to look for a “light-diffusing” foundation. In other words, one containing small particles that reflect the sun light. Fine lines and wrinkles become less visible.

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