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How to choose a lipstick colour, according to your astro sign?

What lipstick colour to wear according to your zodiac?

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with a lipstick? You were 12 years old or maybe it was last week? Whatever it is, you felt complete when wearing it. Your image in the mirror reflected you: the real you.

Lipsticks, you have almost dozen and you love them all. Each colour refers to a side of your personality. And in terms of colour, we can say that you are polygamous: red, pink, purple, burgundy, brick … They all suit you! After all, that’s applicable for all your makeup, isn’t it? It gives you an opportunity to express yourself without having to say a single word.

On the other hand, there is always that one colour that makes you more comfortable and it completes you. One might think this is a coincidence. But no.

Your astrological sign is influencing your tastes and your style, you have in spite of you, a colour of preference. This does not mean that it should wear it 24/7. Just that if your astrological sign was a lipstick colour … It would be that one!

Here is your little astrological guide of lipstick:


As a fire sign, you are dangerous and sexy. A simple classic bright red can’t be enough. You like to be noticed but also … to be totally unpredictable. That’s why the fuchsia pink fits you so much. It must be as punchy, shocking and fierce as you.

Fuchsia red lipstick is a great choice for Aries ladies.



The least we can say is that you are a successful woman. However, you do not like to get noticed. You are sexy but in a discrete way. You prefer sensuality compared to the open expression of attraction. You like all things chic and timeless. That’s why Bordeaux is perfect for you. It reflects your soul: stormy, stubborn and sophisticated.

Bordeaux lipstick is the perfect choice for a Taurus lady.



You are the most spontaneous and lively sign of all. You are full of energy and always looking for new adventures. That’s why pink, a true versatile colour is your best choice. You may decide to wear it as Barbie or tap it lightly to make you look like baby doll. In the evenings, opt for glitter gloss!

Pink lipstick is the perfect choice for a Gemini lady.



You are a gentle, emotional and sensitive but passionate and caring person. In short, you live by following your emotions. And what colour would define emotion better than red? Your softness is expressed best with the matte texture of velvet.

Red velvet lipstick is the perfect choice for a Cancer lady.



Sometime we wonder if the word charm was not invented for you. Fun, sexy and irresistible, your smile is undeniably one of your best assets. You need a colour as bubbly, adventurous and funny as you. That’s why coral suits you so well: the colour of summer, which will leave a lasting impression in your admirers.

Coral lipstick is the perfect choice for a Leo lady.



Even if you are one of the most down-to-earth signs, you are far from lacking imagination and artistic vibes . You like to live through emotions and your artistic side makes you feel the pain and beauty of this world. That’s why the rose, poetic and floral colour suits you the best.

Rose lipstick is the perfect choice for a Virgo lady.



Ambition is your watchword. You are certainly the most intuitive sign of all. And yet, you know how to handle all this with modesty. That’s why the nude shade suits you: it’s present but it doesn’t drag much attention to your face. You are chic! Focus on your eyes and try to express your thoughts through them…

Nude lipstick is the perfect choice for a Libra lady.



Certainly the sexiest of all zodiac signs. That’s why you needed the most sensual colour possible. You need a powerful, bright red! Far from being a modest, you are bold and that is what makes all your admirers fall for you.

Bright red lipstick is the perfect choice for a Scorpio lady.



You are a positive person who shines most of the time. Everyone enjoys your company and like to be part of your circle thanks to your good mood. Warm and shiny, the cranberry colour suits you in every detail: you are comforting and intelligent, sexy and positive.

Cranberry lipstick is the perfect choice for a Sagittarius lady.



Although you might be a bit reluctant, black is your star color. Symbol of class, organization and ambition, it sums you up perfectly. You are a reliable person. Your strong point? Even if you do not realize it, you have a certain self-confidence that is wreaking havoc. After all, who could resist a woman who could wear black lipstick without any complex?

Black lipstick is the perfect choice for a Capricorn lady.



Always trendy and innovative, you like to be the first to enjoy trends before everyone else. To be a follower? Not for you! That’s why blue lipstick suits you perfectly. It flatters your complexion during the winter … and it will make a statement (that everyone will want to copy).

Blue lipstick is the perfect choice for an Aquarius lady.



Combining natural and sexy is definitely your strong point. You are irresistible without making the slightest effort. That’s why purple suits you: subtle sensuality, it highlights your lips without revealing too much about you or being “too much”. Brilliant!

Purple lipstick is the perfect choice for a Pisces lady.

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