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Career 101: How to keep the best employees in your company?

51% of employees want to quit - here is how to keep them?Photo credit: armenyl.com

New Year, new me (or in many cases new job) that’s what we wish for ourselves in the start of every year!

No wonder the statistics show that number of job seekers spikes in January. For many it’s the time to re-strategize but according to Gallup a whopping 51% of employees are searching for new jobs or watching for new job opportunities with majority of them being quite optimistic in their approach, saying that now is a great time to take actions.

From a company point of few the new hire can take a serious toll on time and productivity. So if you’re a manager or a business owner millennials, read how do you halt high employee turnover and keep your top performers in the team, according to Inc.?

1. Identify a new opportunity within the company. If you’re aware a great employee is seeking externally, search for jobs within the company instead just so they know that there are options before they resign.

2. Schedule a development meeting. Offer them a plan how they can grow and develop their career best with you and set short and longterm goals.

3. Conduct a “stay” interview. Inc. recommends asking certain questions before they find a new job. Examples include, What work are you interested in doing? Do you feel your strengths are being used to their full potential?

4. Give recognition. Create an environment where great employees are recognized within the team.

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