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Brides ALERT: How to fit into your wedding dress?

Brides ALERT: How to fit into your wedding dress?Photo source: MarthaStewardweddings.com

When you think that your wedding is in one year from now, it seems impossible to get the body of your dreams for the long-awaited day. All the temptations that are offered to you in one year seem absolutely overwhelming. And that’s the case! But do not worry, we’re here to help.

Here is the sports schedule to put in place 2 weeks before the wedding to get you in shape for the big day


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  • Two weeks before the wedding

Fifteen days before the wedding, you have to motivate yourself to do physical activity at least 4 times per week. The first day should be dedicated to hard workout, with weights if possible. The second day, interval training, jumping jacks. The third day, we calm down a bit with a good session of Pilates, yoga or stretching. Finally the fourth day, a session of cardio.

Sessions are every other day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It is important to do a session according to your abilities. Starting a 2-hour session when you have not played sports for 6 months is useless. It is better to commit to 30 minutes rather than a full hour.

  • One week before the wedding

Since it’s only one week to the big day, it’s “upper body” focus.

Most of the time, bridal dresses cover the lower part of the body and reveal your arms, shoulders, neck and sometimes even your back. Therefore, it’s important to work on all these muscles for the photos (without doing it too much)!

Ropes and dumbbells are the solution for you at the end of that week. Ideally, this should be followed by pushups (it will be really good trust us!) For at least 30 minutes and 3 days a week.


  • 3 days before the wedding

It is important to take care of yourself. During the wedding week, everything is in place. And if there are things left, they are just DETAILS. So best is to relax and opt for a massage for 2 or solo.

The stress hormone, cortisol, has the evil power to make you swell. So, avoid that!

  • The day before the wedding

Just before the big day, it is important to do something romantic like a hike. A real walk to remember where you come from and where you go together! (Soooo romantic)

  • The day of the wedding

It’s D-day, NO STRESS!

Stretch, meditate, relax, in short just reconnect with your body and forget the stress! It is important to remember at this point that the dress of your dreams is waiting for you.

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