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Bored of your Instagram friends? Here is who to follow.

Regardless if you’re on Instagram looking for inspiration, business advise or just stalking your ex-boyfriend, there are moments you get bored of it and you just start looking for the next exciting account to follow.

We admit we also have our moments when nothing inspires us anymore and that’s when we hit the explore page and start some endless browsing.

As you know we love our readers and we don’t want you to fall into the same, that’s why we compiled a list of cool Instagram accounts you should follow (in case you don’t already).



If travelling is your thing, Murad Osmann’s account is the one to follow. He seems to have been everywhere with his wife Natalia. He gained social media fame for pictures of his wife leading him through some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Murad Osman Instagram account
Photo credit: instagram.com/muradosmann


The official account of fashion designer Marc Jacobs’s dog called Neville, who is cooler than you’ll ever be.

Neville Jacobs Instagram account
Photo credit: instagram.com/nevillejacobs


Need to come back down to earth? This Instagram feed aims to tell every New Yorker’s story and portrait at a time.

Humans of New York Instagram account
Photo credit: instagram.com/humansofny


Moscow based make-up artist Goar is known for her talent for transformations. Follow her and witness the magic of make-up.

Goat Avetisyan Instagram account
Photo credit: instagram.com/goar_avetisyan


If you love food and colours, then this is the account to follow. The name speaks for itself. You’ll find lots of vibrant and quite simple but inspiring photographs of food.

Vibrant and pure Instagram account
Photo credit: instagram.com/vibrantandpure


Eva Chen is Instagram’s fashion relations director. She’s known for her signature #evachenpose and for her candid opinions on fashion and motherhood.

Eva Chen's Instagram account
Photo credit: instagram.com/evachen212

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