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How to Avoid Handbags that Look Cheap?

Read The Glam Magazine's guide for bags which look expensive.

As true fashion enthusiasts we learnt how to spot cheap looking products. Don’t misunderstand us, we do love a bargain or products that look more expensive than they actually are.
The most cringe-worthy when cheap-looking are definitely the handbags. There’s something about spotting a cheap handbag from mile away, that instantly ruins even the most curated outfit. Your bag is one of the first things that people notice, so you want to put your best foot forward, right?

Think, what is the number one feature, which makes a handbag look cheap? The answer is simple – shiny hardware. Chains that don’t have the right weight in the hand definitely make a bag look and feel cheaper.

Materials are key when it comes to creating a luxurious look and feel. So less hardware and more pretty looking leather is the way to go.

Shop in the gallery below, our recommendation of expensive looking bags in variety of price points.


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