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ALERT: The hottest blonde colour, that everyone will love

Brassy blonde hair colour, the trend of autumn 2017Photo credit: beauty editor.ca

Can guess which one it is?

Almost every month of the year, girls from all over the planet are looking for a hair change. Of course, nothing too dramatic, just need it be natural, a small visit at the hairdresser is enough to do the job.

Now it’s the time to make an appointment with the local hairdresser and ask for Brassy Blonde. Another color that we haven’t seen for a long time, with roots back in the 90’s. You do not know what it is, no problem, see below…

Kim Kardashian led the crowd, with her platinum blonde, almost white, which she introduced during Paris Fashion Week.

Apparently, we are now far from what is decreed as “trend” for the coming season. In the recent season the colour to take the stage is the blonde brassy.

If you’re still wondering, this is the translation of copper blonde, a blonde which goes slightly towards the red. Without saying carrot hair of course, it is just the reflections that play and that make all the difference.

A somewhat surprising trend since the blonde with coppery glints, has long been a banned color, far from the standards of good taste.

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