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How to look like a Parisian?

Image of a Parisian look

Reminiscing the time you were in Paris or are you planning to visit the city of love soon? Or maybe you just want to rock an outfit that reminds you of the cobbled streets, the street-side cafes, impeccably dressed women and warm croissants with a cup of tea at the corner of Paul Vaillant Couturier.
When it comes to dressing up, remember, one thing that you should really avoid is over-dressing. Too much of anything and you will look out of place. The trick is to balance it with the ease of the fashionista that you are! With years of choosing outfits and rearranging neutral pieces, you must now be quite adept at picking a perfect outfit for a day out in Paris.
Here is what we think is a chic Parisian outfit, that is comfortable enough to move around in and chic enough to make you blend in with the fashionable crowd.

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