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8 Items Every Girl Should Have In Her Home By Age 30

See the items you need to consider for your home purchases by the time you turn 30.Photo credit: refinery29.com

While many of us might not be fans of “must have” lists related to age, because they make us feel like a failure, we find them useful in teaching us how to adult the right way! And being an adult means knowing how to prioritise things like your wardrobe, and in this case home decor.

Here are eight home decor items you should strive to have by 30…ish.

A Matching Dish Set

There are two things to be considered when it comes to your home in your 30s: your bedroom and your guests’ experiences. Having a matching set on hand will help you seem more together. Ikea is a great resource for starter sets, but you can also opt for investment ones for an extra dose of adulthood.


Here you need to explore many options, because the good art is expensive. We also love the idea of electrical art objects or framing art made by your loved ones for a truly personal touch.

An Investment Mattress

A good mattress is a must you should invest in, if nothing else on this list.

Tip: Shop around for direct-to-consumer sites for lower prices.

High-Quality Linens

In your 30s sleep is one of the most critical parts of your overall well-being, so the decor of your bedroom is where you should pay more attention. After investing in a good mattress, look for high-quality sheets that match. For extra adult points, have a cotton set and silk pillow cases.

Hand Towels For Guests

Having a matching set for your bathroom with few spare ones for guests is a must by the time you reach 30.

Wooden Hangers

We know that is the lowest priority on this list, since not many people will know what’s happening inside your closet, but we’ve included them anyway because your clothes deserve to be properly hung to keep their shape.

Living plant

By the time you’re 30, new instincts are starting to kick in, so you can begin with a plant and work your way up to a pet, and then maybe a human infant.

Matching Bed and Nightstands

If you’re not one of these people who can pull out mismatched furniture that looks hip, getting matching bed and nightstands is an easy way to pull a room together. Additional adult points if you add matching lamps.

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