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5 ways to make your Linkedin profile more attractive

How to impress your potential employers with an attractive and professional Linkedin profile.?

We find new friends with the help of social networks, partners with the help of mobile apps, and we can also develop our career with business platforms. If Facebook is for the important moments of our lives, we can take LinkedIn as the social network for the important moments of our professional development.

Many people neglect the power of LinkedIn, but the truth is that you do not only follow the career advance of all your acquaintances, but you could also find your dream job.That’s why we’re introducing five easy tips on how to optimize your account to get the desired interview

  1. Use a professional photo.No matter how much you like that photo of the beach last summer, where your hair and the sun are in the perfect position, you will not give a good impression to your employers. Desperately avoid beach, club, or village profiles. It is best to use a photo suitable for “CV”, because your profile is in this format anyway.
  2. Do not mention the experience that has no connection with the scope in which you want to grow.If you have too many previous positions, this may indicate that you do not stay long in one place. Better quality in quantity because no “HR” has interest in reading too long and decorated profiles.
  3. Choose your liking carefully.

    Because everyone on the social network has the opportunity to see the things you follow and like. It is common to get a question based on your chosen interests. So be sure to follow the company you are applying for to show real interest to the desired employer.

    4. Fill in all the fields in your account well.Of course, you do not have to overdo the details. Still, you need to get an interview with something else to tell.

       5. Connect with all your friends and acquaintances.

    You never know who could recommend you for a position or publish vacancy information. For this reason, be sure to build a rich network of contacts even with those acquaintances that you would not follow on Instagram.

    A well-prepared profile is the first step before you can start to search for your dream job!

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