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5 Things You Need To Remove From Your Closet

As we are going from spring to summer, we need to do a closet cleanup and toss some of the old pieces stuck in there for years. Read how to do it.

Closet Cleanup

With the transition from one season to another, we are likely to get a bit lost in our closets because of the mixture of clothes. As we’re gearing up for sunny days, you closet should only have pieces which will ease your outfit planning.  You’ll inevitably come across a few well-worn items from previous seasons that could stand to be tossed. Difficult, we know. On the bright side, that means more shopping!

Below, find our recommendation on what to ditch from your closet ASAP:

  1. All white pieces that are starting to turn yellow.
  2. Seasonal or formal pieces you haven’t worn in years.
  3. Trendy pieces you can’t make 5 outfits with.
  4. Bandage dresses.
  5. Track suits.

Instead add:

  1. One piece swimsuit
  2. Slides
  3. Tote
  4. Linen coverup
  5. Chic earrings

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