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4 nail polish mistakes to avoid

Nail polish mistakes to avoid

You are a perfectionist to the tip of your nails.

You want to look perfect, down to the last detail. Your make-up and your clothes are chosen beforehand and you master everything you undertake.

But sometimes it happens to all of us – you just skipped one small thing. Your nail polish is all chipped. One nail or two struts without colour. You feel like the only thing to do is to spend the day with your hands hiding in your pockets because you don’t have the time to go to your favourite manicurist and get it fixed. And all this happened only two days after you applied it.

We have highlighted 3 of the most common mistakes, so that you never do them again!

  1. You don’t wash your hands right before manicure.
    It makes sense to maintain your hands, of course, but in reality, how much do we take to wash them before each manicure? The hands are subjected to all kinds of bacteria and the same with the nails. The advice is to rub your nails with a small nail brush dipped in hand scrub. Do it before the nail varnish application with a file that polishes and smoothens the nails. After such preparation, you can be sure that your polish will last longer.
  2. Cover an old nail polish with a new layer
    This is a big NO! Please do not do that, because, in the end, you will lose in both cases. First, the old layer is no longer hygienic. It has already been exposed and all the bacteria that go with it. Even if you wash your hands after going to the toilet, some ugly fungus can still be existing in the most discrete recesses. So adding a “clean and new” layer on this dirt nest would only help them to proliferate.
  3. Skip the base coat.
    You should never skip the base! Perhaps by hearing this repeatedly, it will unconsciously come to haunt you in your sleep and ultimately you will understand that it is really important. You should apply before the nail polish and has a real task: to protect the nail from the pigments of your varnish and prevent it from yellowing. Be careful, however, to buy a base and not a top coat or transparent polish instead because they don’t have the same properties at all.

    You shouldn’t skip the top coat either, because it helps in holding the polish longer, protect it from external aggressions and make it shiny.

  4. Apply just one layer
    All types of varnish are applied in two layers. The first must be fine, almost transparent to accommodate the second layer thicker and opaque. If you apply a thick single layer, you will make your polish dry very slow.

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