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3 Make-up brands, that make us envy everyone in the US

Photo credit: instagram.com/milkcosmetics

3 American Make-up brands, that make us jealous

Every morning starts the same!

Before you even open your eyes properly, you take your iPhone and as real millennial you scroll through Facebook, Instagram and other social apps, catching up on latest news.

Through spying and stalking some old friends, you’ve come across some cool beauty profiles with products made in America that are really interesting.

These accounts are followed by thousands and they also speak “your language”, so you can’t really stop yourself from getting hooked.

Unfortunately, these 3 cool brands below aren’t available in the Middle East but no need to despair, soon they’re all going to offer world-wide shipping.

In the meantime, head to Instagram and don’t hate us if you get instantly want to get your hands on them.

  1. Glossier

    Glossier cosmetics
    Photo credit: instagram.com/glossier
  2. Buxom

    Buxom cosmetics
    Photo credit: instagram.com/buxomcosmetics
  3. Milk

    Milk cosmetics
    Photo credit: instagram.com/milkcosmetics

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